Growing up in the Hunter Valley, a life loving food is no surprise. Those who know me today would not believe I once shied away from an offer of olives and anchovies. My first ever cook book was one by the name 'Wombat Stew' and I religiously tried every recipe on offer within those pages. Childhood photos plentiful of me and my father in the kitchen, excited for that moment's upcoming creations. I still display that cookbook proudly on my bookcase to this day, pages splotched and messy from recipes tried and tested.

Twenty years later, I behave the same. My favourite room in my house - the kitchen. My recipe books still splotched and messy. I plan travel around my dining desires. Fall weak at the knees when approaching a kitchenwares store, online or on foot. Work chit-chat saturated in talk of food and the next restaurant visit.

This page is designed to showcase all of my life-size loves. Cooking. Wine-ing. Dining. Exploring. But the most important: Sharing.