Joseph Hyde, Potts Point

Joseph Hyde, Potts Point

There's a cute little strip, an alley that escapes the traffic, replacing the wheels of Darlinghurst Road into feet, more fitting for a smaller path. Neighbouring hostels add to the energy that's already lively from social locals. To serve them, a couple of cosy cafes and eateries are dotted down Llankelly Place. Dark tones, timber furnishings and simplicity seem like the requirement to open in Llankelly. Or I guess that's just the Potts Point preference these days. 

It’s early, and officially pre-lycra time. Seats are free, faces are friendly. The sardines aren't on today and it's a shame. Moving neighbourhoods, you look for signs you've made the right decision… maybe later. The coffee's great but there's sadly no filter on today either. Dogs start to walk, laze and bark alongside coffee orders from start to finish of Llankelly's laneway, creating enough captivating visuals in the quiet morning to make it a top spot for solo visits as well as dog lovers.  The vibe at Joseph Hyde projects safety and reassurance when you're in search of quality nosh. I feel confident ordering The Stack, despite knowing it's risky on a personal level, as one who never prefers potatoes..


The remaining menu shows a desire to stand out with some quality dishes. Joseph Hyde definitely doesn't seem to want to supply the same breakfast options you could order on every second corner. Carrot cake waffles. Fried sardines on Miche sourdough. The printed drawcard that makes this gentleman stand out.  

Furry friends continue to grace these streets and morning numbers slowly grow. I’m another coffee down when a golden mass graces my plate. It’s textured, crispy, crunchy, yet cooked well. There are hints of onion, although not overpowering enough to take away from all the fresh toppings of smashed avocado, tomato and asparagus. It's far from an oily dish, and barely heavy.


The brunch bowl special hits some similar notes - as a light and satisfying mortar of grains, lentils, mixed seeds, and some soft and hard greens. It's clean and gentle in flavours, topped with a poached egg and goat’s cheese. Consider ordering toast, although if it's a late brunch, the next opportunity to eat is not far away. 

Once the tables are full, and paws join their companions for brunch, going inside to selttle can be a bit of an obstacle course. People are lining up, keen to eat and grab takeaway. Leashes are tangled, and the steady service to each table sets the scene. The execution in Joseph Hyde's solid breakfast option makes a promise for later dishes with their all-day offering. Evening walk, anyone?

Joseph Hyde
36 Llankelly Pl, Potts Point 
Sun - Wed       07:00 - 15:00
Thur - Sat        07:00 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00

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